Tartu is a small city in the southern part of Estonia. The city is known for the University of Tartu, the beautiful Town Hall square and for the lovely riverside.

General information about Tartu city, events and other information regarding your stay in Tartu are available at https://www.tartu.ee/en.


Tallinn airport - Transportation from Tallinn to Tartu by bus and train

Tallinn airport is the biggest airport in Estonia and is located in northern Estonia, 180 km from Tartu. https://www.tallinn-airport.ee/en/

Bus services Tallinn-Tartu

For transportation from Tallinn to Tartu by bus information and tickets are available at: https://www.luxexpress.eu/en/routes/tallinn-tartu/.
More information on bus lines and stops and tickets at: https://www.tpilet.ee/en/.

It is highly recommended to buy tickets in advance, because on busier hours some of the buses might be full. The official bus company website offers online ticket purchase (credit card payment is available).

The buses from Tallinn towards Tartu also stop at the airport bus stop. Airport bus stops are located at the end of the passenger terminal next to the tram stop (to the right-hand side, when exiting through the arrival gate).

Tickets can be purchased from the ticket machines near the bus stops in airport, from the web, on the bus (in cash) or from the ticket office and machines in the main bus station. http://www.bussijaam.ee/en/.

The buses from Tallinn airport to Tartu leave approximately every half an hour during daytime. 

Tickets cost up to approximately 12 euros. The bus ride takes about 2,5 hours.

The main bus station in Tartu is located 5 minutes’ walk from V Spa Conference Center.

On the way back to airport, please be aware that all buses do not stop at the airport by request, so please make sure you choose the right bus line (Lux Express). Be sure to notify the bus driver of your wish to stop at the airport when you enter the bus.

Bus services Tallinn-Tartu for late and early arrival

A convenient airport shuttle bus service can be used in case of late arrival or early departure from Tallinn airport. The service picks you up or leaves conveniently at your hotel. The shuttle needs to be booked online in advance http://tartaline.ee/en/airport-shuttle/. Flight and hotel address info needs to be provided. A confirmation email is sent with detailed pickup time and details. There is no card payment option on the shuttle only cash 20€ per person and a receipt will be provided. A bank transfer option is also available, but usually inconvenient from foreign banks.

The shuttle usually drives one time per night and there may be a delay in the airport. The shuttle usually leaves Tallinn airport at 1:00 (a.m.) at night waiting for last incoming fights and leaves Tartu early in the morning/night 2:30 (a.m.) in order to be in time for the first flights.  

Train services Tallinn-Tartu

For transportation from Tallinn to Tartu by train the information is available at: https://elron.pilet.ee/en/
The nearest train stop (Ülemiste train station) is located 1,5 km from Tallinn airport. The main train station (Balti jaam) is located further away in the city center.

Tickets can be purchased from the web, on the train or at the ticket office in the train station https://www.baltijaam.ee/en/

The trip takes 2-2,5 hours and the one-way ticket costs about 12 euros.
The train stop in Tartu city is 2 km from the city center.

Tartu airport

Tartu airport is a small airport located 10 km from Tartu city center.

The information about the transport from Tartu airport to the city center is available at https://www.tartu-airport.ee/en/transport/leaving-the-airport/.

Most convenient is to take taxi to city center. Taxi fare is approximately 10-15 euros.

Taxi services in Estonia

There are many taxi companies in Estonia. Taxi rates are not limited by law in Estonia and can differ among companies. If possible, ask the driver for the estimated fare. Usually taxis accept payments with card and cash.

Taxify/Bolt and Uber (latter in Tallinn only) operate in Estonia.

Local transportation in Tartu

Bus ticket for one ride costs 1,5 euros and can be purchased on the bus with contactless payment using bank cards or using prepay-ed cards available from R-Kiosk.

Additional information about tickets and bus routes are available at: https://www.tartu.ee/en/inner-city-bus-transportation

City bike share has electric and regular bikes with stations covering entire town. https://ratas.tartu.ee/


The official currency in Estonia is euro (€, EUR). All the major credit cards are usually accepted. ATM machines are available near conference center and all over the city center.


Many restaurants and shops are available around conference center and around Town Hall square (7 minutes’ walk). Usually people in Estonia can speak well in English and sometimes in Russian.


Weather during September is changeable, it can be sunny, but occasionally rainy and windy. The average temperature during daytime is about 10-18 degrees Celsius. More information: https://weather.ee/

Important phone numbers:

Emergency calls, police, ambulance:
V Spa Conference Center:
+372 677 6677
Tartu Tourist Information Centre:
+372 744 2111
Information about trains:
+372 616 0245
Lux Express buses:
+372 680 0909
Tartu city transport information:
17 787; 1789